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You may have heard a lot about delicious dishes made with shrimp, but do you know how to choose and buy them? Let’s learn how to choose and buy shrimp correctly.

How to choose shrimp?
The natural shrimp color varies by species. There are prawns of greenish-brown, grayish-blue, pinkish-brown to orange, pink or even pale red.

Shrimps should look and smell fresh and smooth, with shiny shells. The texture of the fresh shrimp is firm, and the shell must be attached to the body. When the peel begins to loosen from your body it is sign that the shrimp is ceasing to be fresh. If you care about the taste of shrimp and will buy frozen, try to buy it with peel as part of its flavor gets lost when it is frozen without peel. The bark helps to preserve its flavor. Also, when buying frozen prawns, feel the packaging to see if they are solid.

Cleaning shrimp
When the shrimp is cleaned, it loses about 50% of its weight. So if you buy two pounds of shrimp (not cleaned), you will be taking about a pound, since with cleaning it loses a lot.

Types of shrimp sold in Brazil
The most commonly marketed shrimps in several stores in Brazil are: White Shrimp, Gray Shrimp (Captivity), Crayfish, Rio Grande Shrimp, Pink Shrimp, Santana Shrimp, Seven Shrimp Shrimp and Red Shrimp.

When buying shrimp, pay close attention to what type of shrimp the recipe calls for. Despite the similar flavors, the differences can ruin a good recipe. Make the right choice and enjoy the tasty taste of a good shrimp!