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Would you like to prepare a delicious salmon for lunch? Or how about a flounder with that tasty special sauce? For the meal to be perfect, first of all one must buy the fish. And with so much variety in the market, how to identify which is the freshest? To help you, we separate some tips from which parts you should observe before deciding.

Notice the skin – Good fish have their skin bright, as opposed to bad, which already has its opaque and lifeless surface.

Focus on the scales – They should be firmly in the fish’s body. If you pull one of them out and release with ease, it is a clue that you should seek for another animal.

Eyes shining – Just like the skin, the eyes should be shining with bright colors. If they are gray or whitish, it is a bad sign.

Red gills – Also known as gills, this part located at the end of the head should be as red as possible. Discard those that are pink or greyish.

Tighten the belly – Firm muscle is a characteristic of fresh fish. Tightening the belly, your finger may even make a mark, but it should fade in a short time. If the skin does not return to normal, also look for another fish.